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About Us

The Company was established in 2002 by Brett Robinson, providing research, consultancy services and advanced modelling for the property fund management industry; in 2007 Seven Dials expanded to develop and manage its own indirect property funds and provide bespoke fund and asset management services for clients (through Seven Dials Financial).

Brett and Mickola had previously been at Guardian Royal Exchange, where Brett was the Fund Manager for the GRE Life Fund with £7billion asset under management and Mickola was Managing Director of Guardian Properties. At Teesland they worked together on a number of key projects including the launch of Teesland Advantage Property Income Trust, a UK quoted Investment Company.

In January 2008 Brett was joined by Mickola Wilson former CEO of Teesland plc, a Pan European Fund and Asset Management public company and together they have provided a winning formula of combining financial and investment management techniques with property expertise.   

Seven Dials provides clients with strategic investment advice on real estate portfolios and assets and assists in the implementation of those strategies through either direct services or working with professional associates to deliver the investment strategy. Seven Dials has specific expertise in supporting the design and launch of indirect property investment vehicles including collective investments, listed funds and joint ventures.

Seven Dials is appointed to the following investment funds in specialist areas with an AUM of Circa £100m

  • Seven Dials European Property Company - an indirect Fund of Funds investing in European property via institutional Funds – implementing the exit strategy. Seven Dials Financial is the Investment Adviser.
  • BLME Light Industrial Building Fund – Seven Dials Fund Management is appointed as Property Advisor to the Fund by BLME, a leading Islamic bank in the UK, investing in the light industrial sector with AUM of circa £35m
  • Jadwa UK Special Opportunities Fund – Seven dials Fund Management is appointed as Fund Manager (non-regulated activities) and Financial Manager to the Fund, working with Realm Shopping Centres to implement a strategy to reposition the Princes Quay Shopping Centre Hull and to manage other assets to maximises value. AUM circa £70m

Our clients are predominantly drawn from the institutional world but Seven Dials has a long history of providing real estate research and analysis to private investors through the wealth management and IFA markets.

Key Clients

  • Jadwa investments
  • Alecta
  • Bank of London and The Middle East plc  (BLME)
  • Valad plc
  • Curlew Capital
  • Cushman and Wakefield