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Key Achievements of the core team

Seven Dials Fund Management

  • Advising a wide range of clients on their investment strategy, with an emphasis on portfolio construction and risk analysis, including special projects to advise on distressed assets and non-performing funds.
  • Launch of Seven Dials European Property Fund, a fund of funds designed for private investors to have the opportunity to invest in Europe through the medium of institutional grade funds, not usually open to small investors. Raised €26m and invested in Germany and the Nordic region. Exit strategy now being implemented with the fund closing in 2017.
  • Launch of the BLME LIBF,  acquisition of the portfolio of light industrial assets – total returns exceeding plan for the last 4 years.
  • Financial management and bank financing for Curlew Capital’s student housing fund.

TAP Listed Property Trust (2005 to 2010)

  • IPO of listed Fund main UK market with Assets of £150m
  • Further equity raising of £70m
  • Execution of portfolio acquisition and asset management initiatives

Teesland plc (2002-2008):-

Business Expansion

  • Grew the total assets under management from £230m to £5.0bn (June 2006)
  • Major geographic expansion across Europe with new operations established in France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and Central Europe.
  • Established new offices managing over 250 staff.

Shareholder Returns

  • Increased revenue fivefold from £6m to over £30 million.
  • Increased in capitalisation of Teesland from £20 to £200 million (Dec 2006).
  • Share price rise of from 28p (Nov 2002) to 159.5p (Dec 2006).
  • Growth in EPS from 3.44pps (June 2003) to 7.07pps (June 2006).

Fund and Asset Management

  • Overall strategy for individual Funds
  • Origination and structuring of specialist light industrial funds in UK and Europe
  • Launch and Management of TAP a listed Trust of mixed commercial property

Guardian Royal Exchange/Guardian Properties/AXA (1977-2000):

  • Life fund (£500m) achieved top quartile performance for years 1 and 3 up to 1999.*
  • Unit Trust funds (£150m) achieved top quartile performance for years 1, 3, and 5 to 1999.**
  • The investment portfolios included high profile and sensitive developments at Covent Garden Market, The Royal Exchange London, Princes Square Glasgow, The Capitol Cardiff, Green Lanes Centre Barnstable, Bond Street Centre Leeds (now Leeds Plaza).

BDO Wealth Management investment Portfolio for Private investors 2005 to 2011

  • Investment in portfolio of circa £150m of properties in UK and Europe
  • Implementation of asset management plans to add value
  • Execution of sales following change in strategy for the fund in 2011

* Relative to IPD Performance data

** Relative to IPD Performance data