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Our Expertise

Investing in real estate requires an expert approach to develop individual strategies at portfolio and asset level and solutions that combines risk analysis, market knowledge and expertise in investment structures.

Seven Dials believe that effective Real Estate Strategies should be based on detailed research, risk analysis and financial modelling, services which the firm has undertaken for numerous clients over the last 10 years. 

Our Approach

  •  Customised real estate strategies to meet investment objectives.
  •  Problem solving solutions for distressed and underpeforming assets.
  •  Predict Outcomes of portfolio performance with analytical tools.
  •  Analysis of emerging trends to advise on portfolio strategies.
  •  Quantative risk assesment and innovative applied risk management techniques.
  •  Research based analysis of assets to support decision making.
In order to support and implement our recommended strategies, Seven Dials has a highly experienced team with expertise in the Real Estate sector, providing a wide range of professional skills including fund management, investment management, financial and accounting practice and property asset management.
Members of our team have many years of experience behind them and a high standing in the property industry with a reputation for applied investment techniques drawn from the wider investment industry. We also work with a range of associated property asset managers to put together project based specialist teams for the delivery of bespoke fund and asset management services.